ePay FAQ

Why can’t I log in?
If you cannot log in, please check the following:
  1. You have ‘registered’ for ePay
  2. You have typed in your user name and password exactly as you registered them – including all spaces, and in the correct case
  3. Your internet browser allows ‘cookies’ – your browser help should be able to tell you how to check this (Internet Explorer disables cookies on standard installation for version 6 – check the privacy tab in Tools, Internet Options)
  4. Your internet browser has SSL enabled.
    SSL is a protocol for securing transmission between a website and your browser. Consult the help documentation for your own browser for more details on enabling SSL.
  5. Ensure TLS is NOT enabled in your browser
    TLS is an alternative security standard similar to SSL. Pertemps do not support this standard.
  6. There is NOT a 'no entry' sign at the bottom of the login screen - this would denote your browser is not allowing us to store cookies on your machine. By double clicking on the 'no entry' sign, you can override this instruction
  7. You can access https:\\www.pertemps.co.uk. If not, this suggests a problem with SSL, please contact your browser provider for further help. If you can access this, you will see a padlock a the bottom of the screen - double click on this and 'accept certificate'.
If none of the above help, please try re-registering with a different user name and password or e-mail epay.admin@pertemps.co.uk with details of the error message and the steps you have taken.

Will I still get paper payment advices through the post?
No, once you have successfully registered for e-pay, you will no longer receive posted pay advices.

My query is not answered here.
Please e-mail "epay.admin@pertemps.co.uk" and we will address your query as soon as possible.



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